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April 2020

The emergence of COVID-19 has seen requests for our services increase dramatically. With key staff having to self isolate, we now have staff providing cover into July and are providing an average of 9 people per week to authorities.

The increase has seen us grow our full time employees to 5 and we welcome James Webster and Oliver Gidman to the company. James and Oliver are currently undergoing their Cremator Technician training. Once fully qualified, they will be providing interim assistance to authorities joining Melissa and our many associates out in the field.

In such trying times, the company is doing all it can to help bereavement services respond to the challenges at present. In an industry so specialised as ours, staff are uniquely trained and hard to find cover for. We hope the help we can provide manages to calm nerves as we uphold the great standards already set by our clients.

To the bereavement industry, we really are the 4th emergency service.

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