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June 2020

With COVID-19 cases peaking in May, we have found our services in very high demand. We have been providing 13 staff at once, 12 qualified cremator technicians and 1 chapel attendant, to help various authorities across the UK.

We have added a further member of staff to our full time team of people and welcome Bethany Keen to the company. Beth becomes our 6th full time member of staff and is providing chapel attendant assistance to a London authority at present.

Since our last update in April, James and Ollie have both become qualified cremator technicians and provided assistance to a private multi crematorium owner throughout May, both travelling to various sites. Both are assisting a local authority throughout June. With such a high demand we are lucky to have James and Ollie to help us meet it.

The demand for our assistance has meant we have increased our associate numbers too and can now offer 17 qualified cremator technicians to the industry, a number unrivalled anywhere else in the UK.

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